Become a BNP Partner


Create a partner account

Enter your personal details and create a partner account, and receive a personal BNP link.


Market your link

Enter your personal BNP link into the bio of your social media accounts, and market your link by posting videos and pictures informing your followers/fans to buy a luxury mystery box to speak to you. Your followers have the option of buying gift boxes that range from AED 1,000 – AED 100,000.


Receive your luxury gift box

Once your fans/followers have clicked on your link and purchased a gift box, you will receive a gift box within 24 hours delivered by BNP.

Join our partner program and receive free luxury gifts from followers/fans. More information on our partner program below.

How it works

Receive free luxury gifts and become a BNP Partner. You simply sign up as a parter and you will receive a personalized link which you will insert into your social media bios.

As an influencer many followers and fans would like to speak to you but never get the opportunity. With BNP they will buy a luxury gift box which will be delivered straight to your doorstep by BNP.

After you receive the gift box BNP will inform you which follower/fan has bought you this gift box and you may contact them via social media and make their day as they made yours. Your address and more personal details will be 100% confidential and will not be seen by the gift buyers.

To increase your chances of receiving more luxury gift boxes you can market your personalized link and inform your followers to click on it and buy a gift to speak to you.


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